• Mark Wagner, Licensed Real Estate Managing Broker & Manager - Mark Wagner Team

    Mark’s lifelong knowledge of the Illinois real estate market and experience in the new construction industry lent him a unique set of skills to specialize in the management of rental real estate and commercial investment properties. PLS provides continuous insight on the rental portion of the real estate market, along with condo and community association management.

    Along with development of overall vision and strategy, Mark’s responsibility at Professional Leasing Services include creating projects that are representative of both the neighborhoods they sit within and the stakeholders the company serves. From project infrastructure and design to the complete build, Mark’s goal is to create relevant projects that stand out in any community. His focus, direction and ability to adapt keep him motivated, regardless of how market factors may shift the core of business operations.

    Email: plsrents4u@gmail.com | Tel: 309.645.4001

  • Sarah Kinckerbocker, Licensed Real Estate Broker - Mark Wagner Team


    Email: plsrents4u@gmail.com | Tel: 309.258.8270

  • Tamara Kijanowski – Leasing Manager and Community Director for all PLS Activities


    Email: plsrents4u@gmail.com | Tel: 309.231.0524

  • Shelly Billingsley, Leasing Manger and Community Director at Rosemary Crossing, Camden Court and Mallard Lakes Apartments


    Email: plsrents4u@gmail.com | Tel: 309.360.2707